1978 – Sermocol – Serralharia de Moldes, Cunhos e Cortantes, Lda, began its activity to ensure services in the area of molds, dies and cuttings.

2011 – Sermocol was subject to a change of management and begins a process of restructuring the company.

2012 – The cycle of infrastructure restructuring and modernization of the technological park and human resources requalification was completed.

2013 – We started to supply special tools in steel and hard metal for the stamping industry, machinery manufacturing industry, mold industry and pharmaceutical industry. We seek the excellence of our products and services.

2017 – The company begins the structuring and creation of its QMS with a view to certification during the year 2018, according to the normative reference NPEN ISO 9001:2015.

2018 – The company bets on:

  • The acquisition of new monitoring and measurement equipment;
  • The acquisition of new machines;
  • The expansion and restructuring of the factory space;