Since 2011, Sermocol has invested in the development of new CNC machines / equipment, being able to find innovative solutions through the development of specific algorithms for its CNC equipment, thus improving its production processes with respect to precision and surface finish. The use of CAD / CAM systems is widespread in all processes that frame the production of special tools, as well as the development and use of information technology tools, fundamental for integrated management systems.

Due to the increasing requirements of profitability and efficiency, an increasing number of companies use technical components of powder metallurgical steel, hard metal, PVD technical coatings. These materials allow us to find compromise solutions between high wear resistance and shock resistance, even when exposed in extremely aggressive media. Sermocol has custom technical components in various geometries, which can be found in a wide variety of sectors, such as in the automobile, in cold stamping, molding, among others. The diversity of steels and grades of carbide is ensured by business partners with high standards of quality and reliability.