Sermocol is a company dedicated to the manufacture of tools in steel and / or hard metal in the area of ​​anti-wear, working for areas such as:

  • Car,
  • Aeronautics,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Chemistry,
  • Feed,
  • Metalworking,
  • Railway,

In your Sermocol production materials, such as:

  • Aços pulvometalúrgicos,
  • Cold work steels,
  • Alloy steels for hot work,
  • Copper alloys,
  • Aluminum alloys,
  • Metal matrix composites (hard metal),

However, the parts it produces can only be made of steel or carbide, and there may be steel housings and carbide cores, depending on the specificity and requirement of the customers.
During the production it also has subcontracting, such as: thermal treatments, PVD coatings, ionic nitriding, gaseous cementation and carbonitriding.