Punches and forming patterns are used in the cold stamping industry. Sermocol produces punches made of steel or steel and / or hard metal and conforming or engraving patterns according to customer’s specification.

The qualities of material and the ideal selection of the grade of carbide suitable for the application of the tool are guaranteed. In order to ensure a longer tool life and service life, specific coatings may be applied to the intended application.

Dimensional tolerances of ± 0.005mm and surface finishes with Ra≥0.06 are guaranteed.


The punches can be integrally executed in special steel, or by embedding process with different steels and / or grades of carbide. Geometrical and dimensional accuracy is critical for good tool performance.


Sermocol produces plastic forming prints and engraving engravings in special steels, for various industries, for customer’s drawing orders.


Important points

According to the experience and technology of Sermocol we advise:

  1.  Selection of the steel and the grade of the hard metal ideal for the application to which the tool is intended; heat treatment; Implementation of oil outlets to reduce internal pressure;
  2.  Geometry: possibility of shapes and complex geometries;
  3.  Finish: rectified before and after coating;
  4.  Mounting: to ensure dimensional tolerances of ± 0.005mm, assembly and execution is guaranteed by Sermocol;