It is common to use rollers in the metalworking industry, this type of parts have a strict profile and are usually produced in special steels. In the functional zone of the rollers hard metal can be applied, the degree of which is strictly selected to increase tool life.

Also to increase the useful life and durability of the pieces specific coatings can be applied to avoid the use of the same by wear.

Dimensional tolerances of ± 0.005mm and surface finishes with Ra≥0.06 are guaranteed.

Rolling Rolls

 Lamination is a process of plastic forming, in which the material is forced to pass between two rollers. Sermocol produces rolls for the rolling process in special steels / hard metal with mechanical properties suitable for application, in order to reduce fatigue wear.

Pull Rolls

 Pull rolls are used in the cold stamping industry to carry the material from the rolled wire to the stamping process. Sermocol produces pull rolls by customer’s design in special steels that can be in the hard metal.

Important points

According to the experience and technology of Sermocol we advise:

  1. Selection of hard metal and / or steel to improve yield.
  2. Finishing: polished before and after coating.
  3. Different types of materials: to increase the yield different types of steels and different types of carbide grade are used.