The matrices are a fundamental part of the technological process of plastic forming. In Sermocol we produce several types of dies with different profiles that can be produced in:

  • Steel,
  • Hard metal,
  • Steel and hard metal,

The tools are produced according to the client’s drawing. The qualities of material and the ideal selection of the grade of carbide suitable for the application of the tool are guaranteed. In order to ensure a longer tool life and service life, specific coatings may be applied to the intended application.

Sermocol guarantees dimensional tolerances of ± 0.005mm and surface finishes with Ra≥0.06.

Special Profile Matrices

Matrices with special profiles are executed by client design in order to respond to all your needs. These matrices can have many different profiles and are used in different applications and in different industries.

Matrices to ammunition

Sermocol produces matrices for ammunition for the ballistics industry by customer design.


Mordants for pins stamping

Sermocol produces mordants for pins stamping.


Segmented Matrices

Segmented matrices are used daily in the cold stamping industry. The use of different segmented forms guarantees a greater ease in the implementation of air / oil outlets, reducing the internal pressure greatly. Sermocol produces several types of segmented matrices per customer drawing.

Matrices for Metal Containers

The printing industry uses diameters daily to obtain the most diverse metallic containers. In Sermocol we produce matrices for the execution of these containers, by customer design.

Matrices for pressing

Sermocol produces all types of matrices, with different profiles per customer design, for pressing metal powders, ceramic powders or pharmaceutical powders, in hard metal and steel.


Important points

According to the experience and technology of Sermocol we advise:

  1.  Selection of steel with mechanical properties suitable for the application to the carcass and suitable section of special grades of carbide for a specific application. Implementation of air / oil outlets in parts to reduce internal pressure;
  2.  Finishing: Polished before and after coating;
  3.  Mounting: to ensure dimensional tolerances of 0.01 mm, assembly and execution and are guaranteed by Sermocol;